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Association of Croatian American Professionals New York
Creating digital presents to grow engagements and connect members.

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Client Project | Full circle




Head of Digital Strategy, Designer


More Time for Fun

In the winter of 2017, The New York chapter of ACAP started a conversation about how to engage with a growing number of members while streamlining the notifications and essential information.
The main objective was to create a more professional outlook to serve as a one-stop-shop to gather info about the associations, signup new members, inform members of recent events, and share past event experiences.


Structure growth

As the Croatian diaspora in NYC is large, there are a lot of associations with very familiar visual identities. Our objective was to find different approaches to emphasize knowledge of Croatian historical development and NYC's iconic landmarks.
Creating a database with integration to the website and email distribution gives the team a free hand to be more involved with planning the event and not taking care of the invite list.
And finally, with the website dedicated to assisting and with the .nyc domain name closed, the much-needed digital presents.


Staying True to Simplicity

Whit the logo, we aimed to reflect part of the Croatian heritage that is not very known, Glagolitic script and combining Subway's Helvetica Bold. The images used for the branding were carefully selected to reflect the power of the human will and the achievements one group can accomplish.
Bold details of Iconic NYC buildings fit perfectly into our narratives: Connect, Educate, Inspire.

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Simple Structure for a Big Impact

With the acquired findings, I structured the online store with the first tier to represent product categories. They are positioned in the navigation bar next to the logo and a shopping cart. Every set contains products grouped in a collection, with a collection introduction page as the second tier of the website. All logistical information supporting customers’ shopping experience was grouped as I planned to position them in the website's footer.

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Style Guide

Staying True to Simplicity

Since the brand uses an almost-black, dark blue as a primary color, I took a chance and opted for bright colors as a collection image background to differentiate the collections.

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Playing with Shapes

As ties are long and narrow.  I used them as a graph design element  to create dynamic patterns for category and product cards.   The product page is structured in two segments; the leading section contains full view image on a light gray background to neutralize reflection and a second segment provides product information and a feature slider.

Responsive Design

Made to Fit Every Screen

The store is fully responsive with a break point on 1366px, 768px, 667px to cover both portrait and landscape modes on tablets and mobile devices.‍

Final Product

The store is open!

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