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Become a Candidate

Creating a Web page with multiple application forms for a national TV station website.

Project type

Team project for national TV broadcaster


Two weeks - July 2018


Team leader, UX, and UI designer

This project is subject to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)


Update a Way of Working

Nova TV is a leading national broadcaster in Croatia. The company is actively pursuing its multichannel and multimedia strategy, and today it is running several TV stations besides Nova TV.
In summer 2018, I was working as a Creative producer for Nova TV. During this period we started receiving numerous candidate applications due to the popularity of the pre-produced reality show that was airing on a daily at a prime-time.

The Challenge

How the System Can Work for Us?

Without people to process the applications as the team was working on a different project, the challenge was to create a fully automated workflow capable of receiving, processing and storing the form into a casting database.

Potential Solution

Make it Accessible

Create a web page with integrated application forms linked to a database where potential candidates can submit their applications online with an easy step-by-step process.

Design Process

 The design process in effect

Using the design process, I began my work with research that helped me craft an idea. After presenting the concept and receiving the feedback, the design was improved and delivered to a development team.


Identifying Your Advantage

My study consisted of two parts. The first part was to collect and analyzed all the previous applications. My idea was to create a universal structure of survey with two levels: basic questions, applicable to every TV format, and specific survey.

The second part of my research process was to learn about available technological capabilities inside the company and how we can use it to our advantages.  

I learned that the company is using the cloud-based database platform for collecting information about the candidates without a front-end interface. This way of working was applicable for the active projects but as we were looking for the solution to create a flow for inactive project the main challenge was to make it public understandable and accessible to everyone.


Making it live

After evaluating all the possibilities, I started elaborated the most viable idea from the standpoint of users and stakeholders.
Creating the webpage under the umbrella of the company website with an integrated application form for every open casting was the premises.
For visibility and accessibility, I nested the link in a website navigation bar. The link would lead to the page with open applications. From there the user would go to the show website where he/she can start application form.

Below you can see the prototype presented to the stakeholders. As the site is in Croatian, this is a description of the user journey ( second by second):  

0:01 - company's website home page- clicking to a web page Become the candidate
0:02 - Browsing the web page Become a candidate where you can see 3 open casting/application. Every section has a logo image, short show description, and a button "See more."
0:07 - Clicking on the Button for the first open casting - redirect to a show web page.
0:09 - click on the top of the page - button "Apply."
0:10 - redirecting to a database - welcome message as a first step to apply.

Usability Tests

Value Insides

Receiving feedback from users and stakeholders give me value insides on how to improve the product. The most significant objections were that there are too many steps before reaching the questionnaire. There is a need for a more effective way to start the application process.

Another major issue came from the feedback within the company. Due to the technical reasons, we needed to move the link form the site navigation bar. By creating the banner under the TV schedule segment on the website, we insured visibility of our call to action as most users are visiting the site to check what's on TV.

The user needs were meet by relinking the pages to cut steps in the process. Now, users were able to get to the application form in 2 clicks. They were ready to start the application for the application list page.

Final Iteration

It's showtime!

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